Weight loss tips

Weight loss of tips – Swami Ramdev

■Don’t Eat/drink too much sugar, Don’t drink coke/pepsi/cold drinks which contain 30% sugar, go for low sugar drinks or go forlemon juice without sugar or less sugar.

■Don’t eat too much salt either it retains water in your body.

■Do Kapalbhati more like 30 minutes by taking breaks empty stomach.

■Don’t eat fried food, Chips, Pranthas, Pakoras, Samosa & patato called allo. Sabzi which has grease/ghee/oils. Go for boiled sabzi like Ghia, Loki, Tinde, Tori, Kaddu, Shimla Mirch(Green Pepper), green Beans etc. Eat Green Vegetables and Dont eat roti’s/breads too much it has lots of carbohydrates which makes your fat, If you have to eat roti, Roti has 2 sides annd you can easily turn one roti in to 2 rotis by tearing the thin side apart you can have feeling of 2 rotis from one.

■Do cycling in real/or by laying for 50×2 times

■Eat Salad before eating dinner/lunch meal as it will fill your stomach and you will eat less sabzi/roti


Important yoga for Weight loss

Weight loss Yoga tips
Try to lose your overall body weight, your arms and belly will also show significant difference. Spot difference is possible but only with total weight loss. Try the following asana for weight loss especially around your tummy –
1. Pawanmuktasan – lie down flat on your back on a comfortable yoga mat on a flat floor, breathe in. Fold legs from knees and hold fingers together to bring the folded legs towards stomach. Now lift your head and try to touch your nose to the knees. Hold breathe for 30 seconds and return to the normal position. This pose can be done with one leg at a time and then two legs together.

2. Bhujangasan or cobra pose – lie on a yoga mat on the floor on your stomach with forehead on the ground and hands under the shoulder. With the help of your back muscles raise your body and head up. Don not use support of hands, they can remain on ground or on the back of the hips.

3. Dhanurasan or bow pose – lie flat on your stomach, bend knees and hold your ankles with hands pull the legs and knees with hands till the trunk forms an arch and only stomach touches the ground. Look up and be in this pose for 30 seconds. Relax in shavasana for few minutes.